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Family Owned and Operated

The Boltwoods' - Alberta Born & Raised 

TKB Developments. All Weather Windows. Alberta Made Windows and Doors

Trevor & Kristy Boltwood, the founders and owners of TKB Developments have a combined 25 plus years of construction experience under their belts.

Trevor has been working in construction since the young age of 12 years old, learning all of the tricks of the trade from his late Father. Trevor is a skilled and meticulous carpenter with an eye for perfection.

Kristy has always been involved in home renovations from the time she was a child, to present day.  Trevor has taught her everything he knows over the years and this experience is what makes her an efficient and knowledgeable partner in the TKB Family. 

Trevor and Kristy are true husband-and-wife duo who possess not only great expertise, but also the eye for beautiful design.

Trevor and Kristy are parents to four beautiful children, whom they love to involve in the family business. The kids' are often helping load tools, checking inventory, and occasionally tag along to help out on the job.

TKB Developments treats every client like family, because family is what matters most!

What Our Clients Say:

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